Intelligent Friendly Aliens are coming to your home (and it is disrupting everything!)

Intelligent Friendly Aliens are coming to your home (and it is disrupting everything!)


Google announced ‘Google Home’. The intelligent self learning robot that will learn everything about you and your family and serve you better.

Amazon already is investing too much on Alexa. Siri started it but is slow to pick up.

All of this is powered by intelligent algorithms running behind them, with Alien like data processing and analytic capabilities.


Analysing IBM Bluemix with Watson 2 years ago we did amazed at, where they are going to take things with AI. But didn’t realise it won’t stop at being only a war of who has better efficient algorithms. It just got extended to hardware..

Google is here with a processor dedicated and optimized for ML (Machine Learning). So despite IBM's billion $ investment into Bluemix +Watson algorithms, it can still get outdone by their competitor Google because of the special hardware they have.

 More so because of those algorithms get intelligent only by adoption and Google has huge adoption hence, the data which Google and IBM Bluemix possess needs to work hard to drive adoption.

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In between all these huge giant wars are the startups , I would have to only laugh at some mediocre Indian startups who are telling me they are going to write a new algorithm from scratch and win with it .

The game is super tough in A.I. so either do something very special in a niche segment which big guys don’t want now and hope it becomes big over time and you can monetize it or just take another opportunity.

We are going to see very interesting times with IoT contributing insane amount of data of all the non living 'Things' that will get tracked/controlled by IoT.

And yes, the Elephant in the room –‘Apple’ with huge pile of cash and data can’t dance or doesn’t know how to dance to the new ‘we’ tunes instead of ‘iTunes’ 

Which are the next generation Alien like super intelligent and super efficient companies only time will tell.

But feel fortunate, we all are living in a very interesting period of time.