Once upon a day in AI World!

Once upon a day in AI World!

Meeting Ravi is always a pleasure he has the best team to implement AI today. Today I have to wait for him in his office, just 7 minutes back my calendar auto postponed the meeting by 5 minutes as Ravi it shows is stuck in a traffic jam for 5 mins. longer than his expected time.

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My day had started with my favorite coffee ready for me as I woke up to my prefixed schedule. The coffee machine algorithm is implemented by Smartalgo (Ravi's co.) I love the way it makes it exactly as warm as I like it and reorders the beans from Amazon by keeping track of inventory both on the machine and Amazon, in the last 2 years I have not had a day when it ran out of beans.

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The coffee makes me fresh and eager to have my next invigorating activity on my schedule - lol no I don't exercise - I love to have my bath under the warm shower again just the right temperature and right pressure that feels like a gentle massage all over the body.

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I used to be always so confused on what to wear until Smartalgo came in and it suggests the right clothes based on weather and the kind of meetings for the day.

I still don't like to drive through traffic I prefer to use it as my thought time instead and Smartalgo knows it well so it booked the Ola and it chooses only drivers I have traveled with in the past and /or rated above 4.5.

And now I am here at Ravi's office to discuss what next should we be working on to make the world better. Last time 3 years back in May 2017 when we met we were still grappling with the problem of so few skills available for IoT which our venture 6mrt solved not just for us but the few 1000's of companies that operate today in IoT field.

6mrt is a most preferred training partner for almost all top IoT companies, we were always good with the latest tech but I personally think we remain preferred because of how we teach people to best use tech.

Rrrrrr-rrrr- the watch is vibrating -Ravi is about to enter it says, 4min 58 secs. delay but enough thought time for me to revisit our 3-year history.