Who moved my Job ?

If you are,

1)Engineering student (Ent /I.T./C.S)

2)Mid-level employee in I.T organization

You might be worried today with all the news around of layoffs. But smile if you are smarter than the rest you can be earning more than the mediocre I.T jobs that were available in the past 2-3 years and be actually in demand.

Choose one of these fields to train yourself on:
2)Embedded systems

What to learn

1) Cloud: Learn one of the followings:

a)AWS cloud (has these programming options)

  1. Java

  2. JavaScript

  3. PHP

  4. Python

  5. Ruby

  6. Windows & .NET

b)Google cloud:

Client libraries for Java, Python, NodeJS, Ruby, Go, NET, and PHP are available for installation from the appropriate package managers.

c)IBM Bluemix:

2) Embedded Systems:

To enter embedded field you need to know following:

1)Computer /CPU/Memory/Storage architectures

2)Embedded C or Embedded Linux.

3) IoT

IOT is a vast field. Since it is expected to touch every Thing in future it's scope is very wide. It is a trillion $ industry and entering this field will keep you in demand at least for next decade until IoT is implemented in every Industry


If all the data on the internet overwhelms you, we have a basic course.

Once you are familiar with the basics you can choose an area to develop your skills on based on your interest

Based on which skill you learn you can be earning anywhere between 10 lacs per annum to 30 lacs even as a fresher because of high demand and low availability of skills abroad. The demand is expected to continue rising for the next 5 years for sure.