IoT enabled workforce by next generation companies for the digital generation

IoT is set to positively impact every segment of corporate life and what is a company without its employees.

For good companies, IoT will be an enabler for helping their employees improve all round and get a balanced life. Some the ways are:

Wellness Initiatives


Companies will adopt wearables for wellness initiatives. When HR gives employees sensor-equipped devices to track their activity, heart rate or other health data, they are harnessing the power of IoT to reduce health care costs and improve productivity.

By implementing a program whereby employees wear activity trackers and are rewarded for their actions and movements, HR executives not only promote and incentivize healthy lifestyles among employees but also can leverage the program to negotiate prices with their health care insurers to reduce premiums.”

Attendance and location trackers

6mrt Blog_IoT enabled workforce_Img3_Attendance and location trackers

Trackers can monitor alertness on the job. Take for example truck drivers who can be scanned for fatigue while driving and be alerted to prevent accidents. Field executives in Pharma and real estate filling manual time sheets and sending them to head office will be a thing of past. Some of these employees work in areas without access to email, so ensuring that they send them on time becomes actually quite difficult.

Managers are at times pulling their hair out trying to gather and verify all of the information on where people had been working and the hours they had done.

IoT will auto track this with time and location, make the reporting and trial automated and efficient.

Resource customization and optimization

6mrt blog_Resource customization and optimization

A certain team may want a different kind of lighting or temperature requirement for the area they work in. IoT can democratize such needs and let users decide then have a uniform one for everyone leading to better work atmosphere and productivity.

Better pickup and drop facilities

6mrt Blog_Better pickup and drop facilities

Employees lose a lot of time waiting for pickups or unproductive wastage of time due to unplanned events leading to delay and frustration. IoT will nearly make this seamless so everyone is informed and happy.

It will make ERP systems more real-time so employees get their needed resources on time.

The next generation work environment is going to be a digitally connected adaptable and friendly one. Something that all of us are looking forward to getting to experience.

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