We are sorry we couldn’t be perfect!

I am Omkar. most of the time I relate things with movie scenes, because I am a movie freak! Being Marketing guy that always reinforces my philosophy for being more creative, rather it adds a little spice into it.  But I never knew a protagonist who does the whole lot to save the world finally, at fraction of second he wins and we befall to breathe similar can happen in our office too!  

I had encountered to one of the most exciting situation – which could make or break the thread. I feel lucky to see what happened behind the scene the Pre-Internship examination setup! Let me try to explain you behind the scenes, minute by minute...here we go......

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10 AM

It started @10 AM

Day tasks:

Milind needs to go through all questions, create a google form or some way to conduct test  and make sure test runs smoothly before 6 pm and go home (only if all goes well!)

At the same time - Nikhil: needs to train on Embedded Linux/BLE for first half

11 AM

And I heard that he supposed to attend Startup master class orgasniser’s meeting @5: 00 pm and go home (AGAIN only if all goes well!) needs to ..

Milind discovers by mid of the day adding all questions , adding all contacts to phone  and creating Whatsapp broadcast with all phones numbers and sorting questions and answers has taken half a day and We have promised to ourselves: not spoil our health so lunch is always on time .

Blog Image_We are sorry we couldn_4_Tiffin

2 PM

Soon after, we were so much indulged in the Lunch as if we were hungry since long.

However, we were running out of time, time was running like cheetah! Now we have time till 6 pm to set up a software to conduct the quiz, insert all question answer , do a  test and go LIVE .

Blog Image_We are sorry_Img5_3 PM


Nikhil comes in action at 3 pm , decides to raise the challenge a little higher :

 New goal :Set up a complete E-learning system and conduct quiz within that.


And there was one more INCOMING...”WATCH OUT!” There was also another client requirement on embedded software that needs to be send out today by Nikhil. He works on it and finishes it .

Blog Image_We are sorry we couldn_6_4 PM

5 PM

By  5:15 with parallel tasking and some good 3G speed..

Entire e-learning system is setup and login id for Milind is created, handover is given to Milind  and he leaves for meeting.

4 PM

We also plan to start training for ITI students on GSM controlled equipments, Mr. Gutte who is supposed to lead that one comes in to meet Nikhil and it is already 4 pm . I was in fact wondered how we are going to meet the target?


However, Key task of the day is pending:


Setup Online Pre-internship examination

Pending task list

- E-learning system installation, FTP upload, Server, Database Setup all of this were remaining. 

4.30 pm and then “tech fails” when you need it most, the internet bandwidth drops to a pathetic 512 mbps and remains so for next 20 mins. NO WAY!!

Nikhil must also reach for Startup MasterClass organiser meet.

Nikhil switches to his personal hotspot 3g on phone for faster net

Blog Image_We are sorry_Img7_6 PM


Milind uploaded the quiz on the portal, and opted for shuffling option for the questions.

Not just the questions but the answers were also shuffled, within the question. and the Question added later were added in Question bank, instead of Internship Quiz. Milind had to tag and move all the new questions back to Quiz.

Blog Image_We are sorry_Img8_7 PM

8 PM

8:45 already, we decide we need to use this option, Clock was not listening to us, seems like he is following his own terms!

8:45 -8:49 a properly formatted Whatsapp message is created and broadcast to all explaining procedure.

AND THEN Registrations start ..

7 PM

Startup MasterClass Organizers (SMC) Meeting over ,

Nikhil does a quick check with  Milind if all is ok?

Milind informs Nikhil he hasn't left office as system has some unresolved bugs, the issues were like:

1) Users can’t see quiz after log in

2) Registration email doesn’t go out.


Nikhil also doesn’t go home , comes in at 8. After doing R & D they realize that some bug in code PHP mail server which wasn’t  working .

I literally see them struggling but still no one of them or rather me  felt it is  impossible rather than little complicated which can be fixed easily! 

Nikhil and Milind try different configuration options but none work. Vaibhav helps with testing . Nikhil decides to look into the code and see if there is a workaround possible but realizes only way is to confirm logins from back-end.

Blog Image_We are sorry_Img8_CPU Usage

We confirmed!

The MySQL server which was allocated only 20% of the server CPU starts using more than that 920 processes run simultaneously on the server. Increase CPU limit, issue resolved in real-time .


YEHH!! Tests over,

A window was kept open for test to be live for 20 minutes instead of 10, So students who come late by 10 min. also can take the test..!

Some smart students use the option to take retest 🙂

Simply outstanding Experience! Just like watching Mission Impossible .Tell us how you felt about the experience on our FB page